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wayne-avatar-2007The first time I came to the Cape West Coast was in 1984 for basic naval training; I arrived at SAS Saldanha right out of high school. My second tour on the West Coast was in 1988 for undergraduate training at the Military Academy. When I eventually left the Navy (and Saldanha) in 1995, I was married and had started a family. Armed with a brand-new Computer Science degree, I moved to Johannesburg and a startup called Windows Academy. In 2000 I joined Microsoft and spent 13 years working for them in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. 

In 2012, whilst serving as a pastor-elder at Union Hill Church in Redmond, I completed a Masters degree at Northwest University, to prepare me for ministry in the US.  However God had other plans and called my family and me back to the Cape West Coast; right back to the place Karen and I had left almost 30 years ago. 

 So why are we here?

Since returning to Saldanha in August 2013, this has been the question people have asked me the most. Most ask politely but all seem surprised and bemused by our answer. Why did we give up the comfort, quality of life and financial security we had in the US and return, not just to South Africa, but to Saldanha of all places? The short answer is, “we are answering the call“. What call? The call of our shepherd’s voice – the call of the great commission.

The longer answer is that my wife and I have committed our lives and resources to minister to the people living on the Cape West Coast in extreme poverty. We left South Africa in 2002, and God has been transforming us, shaping us, using us and equipping us ever since. Our faith and walk with Christ has deepened to the point that we feel called to devote the rest of our lives fully to joining in with what God is already doing here on the West Coast. I am also sure that God is not quite finished with us yet.

Support us

The reason for starting this website is to share our personal journey as God continues to transform us further into Christ-likeness. As He does so, I anticipate He will also use us to bring His light to the dark places, hope to the hopeless, life to the lifeless. Jesus himself said that his ministry was to bring the good news to the poor, and that we are to love God with everything we have, to love our neighbor just as much as we love ourselves, and to make disciples. I will most likely be asking a lot of questions as I struggle to apply what I believe in the real world; not sure I will be providing too many answers. But as God reveals his plan for this ministry, I will seek to put what I have learned into words so that His glory may be revealed.

I appreciate your visit to this website.  I would also appreciate your prayer support and encouragement for this ministry.



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